Sierra Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association  as amended and adopted on May 1, 1996 & August 16, 2000, November 20, 2003, July 1, 2006, November 1, 2016


ARTICLE I   The name of this Association shall be the Sierra Nevada Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.

ARTICLE II      Objective

The objectives of this Association are to unite and promote the Superintendents of Northern California and Nevada through the collection and dissemination of scientific and practical knowledge, thereby effecting a more efficient and economic maintenance of golf courses, and improving and enhancing the educational prestige and efficiency of its members.

ARTICLE III    Membership

SECTION 1.  Application for Membership

Membership in this Association in any class except that of Class A Life or Honorary member shall be by application.

  1. Applicants shall file an application, in writing, that furnishes satisfactory evidence of his/her qualifications, training and experience for membership. Effective July 1, 1997, all new Class A and Class B applicants must submit an application for membership or evidence of membership with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.
  2. The application must be signed by two (2) Class A or  Class B members or a combination of the two, in good  standing and be submitted with one (1) year’s dues.
  3. In case membership is not granted, the amount of the dues will be refunded.
  4. Application for membership shall be approved or rejected by a majority of the Board of Directors, who shall  have exclusive and absolute jurisdiction pertaining to all matters of  membership.

SECTION 2.  Membership Classes

The members of the Association shall be classified as Class A, A Life, Class B,  Class C, Associate, Golf  Maintenance Staff, Equipment Manager, Student, Retired, or Honorary.

  1. Class A Life: To qualify for life membership, a regular member must have served as a Class A golf course superintendent for twenty years in the SNGCSAA. He must be retired from active service as a golf course superintendent. Life members are excused from paying dues and are entitled to all other privileges of the Association except that of holding office.

Membership Classes

Class A (Golf Course Superintendent): To qualify for Class A membership, an applicant shall have, at the time of application for membership, at least three (3) years` experience as a golf course superintendent and be employed in such capacity. Class A Members shall have all the privileges of the Association.

Class B (Golf Course Superintendent): To qualify for Class B Membership, an applicant shall be a golf course superintendent who has, at the time of application for membership, less than three (3) years` experience as a golf course superintendent, and shall be presently employed in such capacity. Class B Members shall have all the privileges of the Association.

Class C (Assistant Golf Course Superintendent): To qualify for Class C Membership, an applicant shall be at the time of application for membership, an assistant to a golf course superintendent, and shall be presently employed in such capacity. Class C Members shall have all the privileges of the Association, except that of holding office.

(Retired ): Any A, B, C, Associate, Equipment Manager, or Golf Maintenance Staff Member in good standing for five years who has reached age fifty-five (55) who is retired and no longer seeking employment within the scope of activities of any membership class of this Association may apply to the Board of Directors as a Retired Member the annual dues of which shall be one half of the amount paid by Class A members. A retired member shall have all privileges of the Association afforded  the member in his immediate previous classification, with the exception of holding office.

(Associate ): To qualify as an Associate Member, an                applicant must be a person employed as follows: agronomists, extension specialists, park superintendents, purveyor of equipment or materials used for the construction and maintenance of golf courses or as a turfgrass landscape manager whose business does more than 25% of its annual business with golf courses. Associate members shall annually elect a voting representative to the Board of Directors. They shall have the right and privilege of voting for the Associate representative to the board.

Honorary (* No H Classification): Any person who has rendered special or valuable service to this Association shall be eligible for Honorary Membership. They shall have the privileges of the regular members except those of voting or holding office. They shall not be required to pay dues and/or assessments.

Inactive : An Inactive Member is a member who, by reason of unemployment, illness or other adverse circumstances, has been placed in this class upon application. The Board of Directors shall have authority to act on such application and to place a member on inactive status subject to such terms and conditions as the Board of Directors may specify from time to time by standing rules provided, however, that an inactive member shall not vote or hold office.

Student Member: To qualify for a Student Membership, an applicant must be a full time or part time turfgrass student enrolled in a formal course of education. Student members shall have all the privileges of the Association except for voting and holding office.

Golf Maintenance Staff: To qualify the applicant must be currently employed in the maintenance of a golf course under the direction of a Class A or B golf course superintendent. Golf Maintenance Staff members shall have all the privileges of the Association except for voting and holding office.

Equipment Manager: To qualify for Equipment Manager membership; an applicant shall, at the time of application, be employed as an golf course equipment manager, assistant golf course equipment manager or golf course mechanic/technician within the golf industry and shall have such rights of the Association as the Board of Directors may specify by Standing Rules, except those of voting and holding office

SECTION 3.  Voting

Unless otherwise provided in the Bylaws, all voting rights of the Association shall be vested in the Class A, Class A Life, Class B, and C Members. Class A,  B, C, and Associate members shall elect at the Annual Election, a voting Associate representative to the Board of Directors. All other members shall not have voting rights in the Association.

Proxies: Voting members may exercise their vote through the use of a proxy. A proxy may be exercised only by the person named in such proxy, who must be a voting member in good standing of the Association. Proxies may be exercised on votes on amendments to Articles of Incorporation, the Bylaws, elections of Officers and Directors only.


SECTION 4.  Membership Year

The membership year shall be January 1 through December 31. Dues shall be billed out on October 1 and paid annually in advance, for the calendar year January 1 through December 31. Dues shall be delinquent after December 31 and are subject to a late fee which will be determined by the Board of Directors.  After January 31 there will be an automatic suspension.  An extension of time may be determined by the Board of Directors.  After March 31 suspended members will be dropped from the roster.  Suspended members may re-apply for membership subject to Section 5 subsection c.


SECTION 5.  Expulsion, Reinstatement & Reclassification

  • No member shall at any time use his affiliation with the Sierra Nevada GCSAA for the purpose of promoting schemes, ideas or objects for the purpose of private or             collective gains.
  • The expulsion of any member shall be done in accordance to the methods set forth by the Code of Ethics. Any member being expelled may make application for reinstatement, no earlier than one (1) year after the date of his loss of membership.
  • A suspended member may re-apply for membership by submitting a new application and payment of back dues, current dues and late fees. Any suspended member re-applying for membership within one year of their suspension must pay all back dues and late fees that may apply.  Such application shall be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors.
  • Determination of classification or reclassification shall be done by application to the Board of Directors. Should a member`s job, dues or responsibilities change, that may effect his\her classification, he\she must notify the Board of Directors of such changes. The Board of Directors shall then have the power to assign the proper classification to that member.
  • Mandatory Reclassification: All members, upon renewal of their annual membership, must clearly state their current employment status. This statement of employment status shall be based upon the Association’s officially accepted membership classifications. The Board of Directors shall, upon receipt of this statement, determine the appropriate class of membership for each individual and shall be empowered to alter the individual`s membership classification to properly reflect stated qualifications.


Officers, Board of Directors, and Elections

SECTION 1.  Officers

The officers of this organization shall be a President, Vice-President and Secretary Treasurer, all of whom shall be Class A or B members of this Association and the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America. The officers shall be elected by ballot vote of the voting members at the annual election meeting by a majority vote of the members present and by proxy. They shall assume office as of that date. These officers shall hold office for one (1) year,

SECTION 2.  Duties and Powers of the President

The President shall preside at all regular Board and special meetings and perform the customary duties of the President. He/she shall preside over the officers of the organization and direct all transactions approved by the Board of Directors through the Secretary-Treasurer or Executive Director. He/she shall have the power to call special meetings and will be responsible for ensuring that proper notification of Association and Board of Director meetings is given to the membership. He/she shall be an ex officio member of all standing committees and shall be responsible for appointing all committees.

SECTION 3. Duties of the Vice-President

The Vice-President, in the absence of the President, shall preside over the meetings of the organization and of the Board of Directors and shall perform all duties pertaining to the President’s duties. In the event the office of the president should become vacant for any reason, the Vice-President shall perform all duties of the President until the annual election.

SECTION 4. Duties of the Secretary-Treasurer

The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for auditing the business transactions of the Association. Under his/her supervision: a complete record of monthly meetings of the Board of Directors shall be taken; the collection of membership dues, moneys, bills, bonds or notes and deposits of same to the credit of the Association shall be put in a depository account approved by the Board of Directors; bills will be paid in a business like fashion and records recorded in accordance with standard accounting practices. Association records shall be open to the members of the Association at all times.

SECTION 5. Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of a president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer, immediate past president and four (4) directors whom shall be elected by majority vote of the membership. All elected directors shall hold office for two (2) years.  Two directors and one associate director shall be elected each year.  With the exception of the associate directors, each member of the Board shall be entitled to vote at the meeting thereof.  Only the associate member in his second year of term shall be entitled to vote.

  • The Board of Directors shall meet at least once a month at any such time to be designated by the president.
  • Special meetings of the Board may be called at any time by the President or Secretary or by three (3) members of the  Board.
  • The Board of Directors shall appoint the Nominating Committee for the annual elections.
  • The control and management of the Association and its affairs and its property shall be entrusted to the Board of  Directors,consisting of its officers and at large Directors. All officers and a majority of the entire Board of Directors  shall be GCSAA Class A or B members.
  • Qualifications and Terms of Office: Only Class A and Class B who are actively employed as golf course superintendents are eligible for election as Officers and Directors. In the case of the Associate Director, only an actively employed member qualifying in this classification may be elected as Director. Officers and Directors ceasing active employment as golf course superintendents may serve up to six months after cessation of employment. In the case of the Associate Director, those ceasing active employment may serve for up to six months after cessation of employment.

SECTION 6.  Election of Officers

  • The Board of Directors shall appoint a nominating committee at least ninety days prior to the election date. The nominating committee shall consist of three (3) voting members of the association. Prior to the annual election, the nominating committee shall publish a slate of nominees consisting of one (1) or more for president, vice-president and         secretary-treasurer, and at least two (2) nominees for the Board of Directors and one (1) for the Associate members representative on the Board of Directors thirty (3O) days prior to the election. At the annual election, in November, the Election Chairman will ask for further nominations from the floor proceeded by secret ballot until voting on each candidate is completed.  Proxies will then be counted. Officers elected will then assume office.
  • Vacancies: All vacancies in the offices of the Association may be filled by appointment by the President, upon approval of a majority of the Board of Directors, until the next election, except in the case of the President, which shall be filled by the Vice-President.
  • Removal of Officers: The entire Board of Directors or any individual Director may be removed from office, by the members entitled to vote as provided by in the bylaws.

SECTION 7.  Absences:

Any Board member who misses four (4) or more regular meetings, or three (3) consecutive meetings during the fiscal year, will be relieved of their position on the Board unless ruled otherwise by the Board of Directors.


SECTION 1.  Appointments

The President shall appoint the following committees: membership, audit, education,  bylaws, scholarship, directory, monthly tournaments, State/National Association relations,  Christmas party, scholarship tournament and any others he may deem necessary.

SECTION 2.  Nominating Committee

The appointment of the Nominating committee shall be by the Board of Directors consisting of three (3) voting members in good standing of the Association. They shall  provide a slate of candidates for offices as provided in Article IV, Section 6, sub paragraph a.

SECTION 3. Auditing Committee

The fiscal year of the SNGCSA will run from October 1 – September 30 in any given year. At the end of the fiscal year the Auditing Committee shall audit the books of the outgoing/current Secretary-Treasurer and report their findings to the membership at the Annual Election Meeting.

ARTICLE VI    Meetings

 SECTION 1. Monthly Meetings

All meetings of the Association shall be held each month, if possible, at a location, time and place to be designated by the Board of Directors. Notification shall be sent to all members not later than seven (7) days prior to the meeting date.

SECTION 2.  Annual Meeting

The annual election and business meeting of the Association shall be the November meeting of each calendar year for the purpose of electing officers, considering reports of the officers of the Association and to transact such other business, as may be brought before the Association thereof. The President shall be obliged to present advisory committees recommendations and allow discussion at said time.

SECTION 3.  Assessments

Assessments shall be made only for actual needs and then only upon affirmative vote of at least three-fourths (3/4) of those members present at any regular meeting. Fifteen days notice must be given to each member of such meeting. Such assessments may not be levied more than once in every fiscal year and shall not exceed the amount of the annual dues fixed for such year.

ARTICLE VII    Amendments of the Bylaws

SECTION 1.  By Members

New bylaws may be adopted or these bylaws may be repealed or amended at their annual meeting, or at any other meeting of the membership called for that purpose, by a vote of the members entitled to exercise the voting power of this Association.

SECTION 2. By the Board of Directors

Subject to the right of the members to adopt, amend, or repeal bylaws, as provided for in Section 1. of this Article, the Board of Directors may adopt, amend or repeal any of the bylaws, other than a bylaw amendment thereof, changing the authorized number of directors.

SECTION 3. Whenever an amendment or new bylaw is adopted, it shall be copied in the book of bylaws with the original bylaws, in the appropriate place. If any bylaw is repealed, the fact or repeal with the date of the meeting at which the repeal was enacted or written assent was filed, Shall be stated in said book.


  • Recognize and discharge all my responsibilities and duties in such a fashion as to be a credit to this Association and profession.
  • Practice and insist upon sound business and turf management principles in exercising the responsibilities of my position.
  • Utilize every practicable opportunity to expand my professional knowledge, thereby improving myself and my profession.
  • Maintain the highest standards of personal conduct to reflect credit and add to the stature of the profession of the golf course superintendent.
  • Base endorsements, either written or verbal by means of any medium, strictly upon satisfactory personal experience within the item identified.
  • Refrain from encouraging or accepting considerations of any value without the express understanding of all parties that said consideration is available to all in similar circumstances, and that no action shall be forthcoming as a result of acceptance.
  • Recognize and observe the highest standards of integrity in my relationships with fellow golf course superintendents and others associated with this profession and industry.
  • Assist my fellow superintendents in all ways consistent with my abilities, but only when called upon to do so and with the incumbent superintendent’s knowledge, participation and acceptance.
  • Abstain from the debasement of or encroachment upon, the professional reputation, practice or employment of another superintendent.
  • Lend my support to, and actively participate in, the efforts of my local chapter and National Association to improve public understanding and recognition of the profession of the golf course superintendent.
  • Abstain from any exploitation of my Association, industry or profession.
  • Present information and participate as a witness in all proceedings to which there exists evidence of a violation of this code of ethics.